About Me


Welcome, I'm Leeann.

I fell in love with Amish dolls when I was helping with plotting ideas for Wanda Brunstetter, a good friend and author of many Amish novels.

Wanda and I were talking about an upcoming book she is working on that mentions the Faceless dolls the Amish make. I told her that I had been sewing since I was a little girl and had just completed a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. She suggested I try making an Amish doll. Their simplicity and having no faces intrigued me, I just had to make some. That began my love affair with these special Faceless Friends.

I am pleased to make my very special Faceless Friends available to you. Each of my dolls is lovingly made and comes with a Certificate of Adoption. You may choose a name, or I will select one for you..

I was featured in the Aug/Sept issue of Country Women magazine. To read the article, please click here.

Customer Photos:

Brigette and her doll - Tennessee
Brigette and her doll - Tennessee

Wanda & Megan and her Doll Nampa - Idaho

Lyn, Kai and his doll - California

Jan’s Dolls - England

Sarah & Wanda at a book signing - Ohio

Priscilla’s dolls on her quilt - Connecticut

Red Headed Amish Doll - Michigan

Laurie Lee, Wanda Brunstetter and her dolls
at a book signing - Spokane, Washington